The vegetables and fruits on store shelves today are much less nutritious than they were even just a few generations ago. Without the ideal balance of all those essential plant-based nutrients each day, it’s impossible to achieve truly vibrant, energetic and youthful health. We searched all over the world for pristine, small, family farms that grow the most nutritious, organic greens, vegetables and fruits. And then we combined these farm-fresh ingredients to create the ultimate nutritional supplement – Vitaforce.

Picking the right fruits and vegetables is just one part of the process, however. We also devoted years to extensively analyzing thousands of nutritional studies to develop a complex algorithm that takes everything into account, from the ideal levels of nutrients we need each day, to the amount of nutrients most of us already get from our diets and the environment, to the complex interactions of each of these nutrients with one another. Of course, we are always staying up-to-date with all the latest research and we have formulated our newest batch of Vitaforce in accordance with that research.

Vitaforce is the culmination of all these years of research and study. It’s the only supplement that utilizes this algorithm to give you just the right amount of each essential nutrient and provides those nutrients in the way nature intended – from real food.

We made it for our families and we are excited to share it with yours!